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Town Board Meeting
Aug 13, 2018

TOWN OF SEYMOUR                        BOARD MEETING                              Vol. 31 Page 25


A meeting of the Seymour Town Board was held Monday; August 13, 2018. Notice was posted at, Seymour Town Hall, Township Fire Dept. Station 1- Seymour, and at www.townofseymour.orgunder “Agendas”.


Board members present were Douglas Kranig, Chair; Sheila Running, Supervisor; and Gary Schulenberg, Supervisor.  Also present were Kerry Parker, Roads and Buildings Supervisor; Sue Larson, Clerk/Treasurer; Laura Konwinski, Deputy Clerk Treasurer and 13 area residents and others.

Chair Kranig called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Supervisor Schulenberg moved to approve the minutes from the July 11, 2018 meeting.   Motion seconded by Supervisor Running, with a spelling correction noted. Motion carried.  Minutes approved, as corrected.


Chair Kranig asked to move to item 8 (a) on the agenda –“Water Problems on St. Francis Drive East”. Chair Kranig reported on a meeting held with the County Highway Engineer, County Highway Surveyor  and himself at the site of the drainage issue on St. Francis Drive East.  Elevations were taken and two options were suggested:

            Option 1 – Install a stormwater ditch through the vacant lot on the southwest side of the cul de sac owned by Christopher and Jessica Shaske, who were not present at the meeting, that would drain to the southwest. . 

            Option 2 – Install a stormwater ditch on the east side of the cul de sac,  between properties at 2023 St. Francis Drive East, owned by Christopher and Jessica Shaske and 2047 St. Francis Drive East, owned by Bradley and Jessica Marek, that would drain to the south east.  This is the preferred option.   Mareks were in attendance and indicated that they would have no objection to this.   Chair Kranig reported that he had also met with Shaskes earlier regarding this option and they were also in agreement to further pursue this option.   Chair Kranig informed the residents present that the town will need to bid the project and it is anticipated that it will be included in the 2019 budget. 


FINANCIAL REPORT – Sue Larson reviewed the financial report with the Board.  Report is attached and made a part of the record.


GENERAL PUBLIC –Attorney Lisa Hirschman from Eau Claire was present to introduce herself and offer legal services if the town was interested in seeking other legal counsel. 


ROADS REPORT– Roads Supervisor Parker provided the following report:

·         Starting the second mowing.

·         New Parking Lot area for the Town Hall/Ball Parks has been paved

·         Ditching completed on Gooder Ave, but may continue to have some issues in this area

·         Rock added to the public lake access at the end of Indian Hills. 

·         Parking Lot and Tower Drive will be seal coated on Wednesday

·         Striping to be done next week

·         Tennis Court repairs to be done next week. 

·         The cul de sac area for Martenson Drive has not been marked yet

·         Received a schedule from the contractor on the Tower Drive Project – work to begin October 22nd and be finished by November 9th







8 (b) Update on Tower Drive Culvert Replacement Project - Preconstruction Conference to be held sometime in September with Ayres Associates and Contractor. 


8(c) – Update on Ball Club Storage Building – Chair Kranig reported he met with Loren Gorell, Jason Woodford from the Seymour Ball Club and Kevin Balts, building contractor to review site plan prep needed and discuss scope of building project.   Final building design has not yet been determined, but it is anticipated that it will be 40’ x 50’.   Kevin Balts from Balts Construction offered to donate the site prep for the building site.  Chair Kranig reported that he has received $20,000 in donations or commitment for donations so far to be used for this project.  The Town has committed to using up to $15,000 of the Park and Recreation Funds for this building.  Anything in excess will need to be covered by the Seymour Ball Club. 


8(e) – Update on Ambulance Service – A new Ambulance Service Contract with the City of Eau Claire was presented for review.   This is a 10 year contract with escalating fees every year, based on population.   Currently the area hospitals heavily subsidize ($205,000)  this cost for area communities and that subsidy is going to end within the next 5 years.   Chair Kranig reported on meetings held with the other communities involved on how to raise the funds to cover the rising costs;  whether to do so via levy increase or a special charge on the tax bills.  The clerk was instructed to add the Ambulance Contract to the next meeting agenda.   




Item 9(a) Operator License – A motion was made by Supervisor Schulenberg  and seconded by Chair Kranig to approve issuing an Operator’s License for Chance Bauer.  Motion carried. 


Item 9 (b) Amendment to 2018 Town Budget –A motion was made by Supervisor Running to approve Resolution 18-01, “2018 Budget Amendment.   Chair Kranig asked that the words “State of Wisconsin” be stricken from the revenue source description for the County Bridge Aid.  Supervisor Running agreed to amend her motion as such.   Chair Kranig seconded the motion as amended.  Motion carried 3-0.


Item 9(c) Appointments to Planning Commission   A motion was made by Chair Kranig and seconded by Supervisor Schulenberg to reappoint Joe Kirst and James Murray to serve another three year term on the Town of Seymour Planning Commission.  Motion carried.


Item 9(d) – Transportation Resolution A motion was made by Chair Kranig to approve Resolution 18-02, Transportation Resolution and to send copies to our State Legislators and to Governor Scott Walker. Motion seconded by Supervisor Running.  Motion carried 2-1.


Item 9(e) – Assessor’s Plat Proposal – A motion was made by Chair Kranig to direct Peter Gartmann of Real Land Surveying, Inc to proceed with the Assessor’s Plat as per his proposal, dated July 23, 2018, for a cost not to exceed $7,800.  Motion seconded by Supervisor Running.  Motion carried. 








Item 8 (d) Town Code Book – Building Code -  The Board decided not to include detached buildings as needing to comply with the Uniform Dwelling Code in the Building Code section of the Town Code Book.  




Next meeting scheduled for Monday, September 10, 2018. 


Vouchers Approved  33073 to 33127


Motion to adjourn at 9:10 pm


Respectfully submitted by:



Sue Larson, Clerk Treasurer

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