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Town Board Meeting
Dec 11, 2017

TOWN OF SEYMOUR                        BOARD MEETING                              Vol. 30 Page 33


A meeting of the Seymour Town Board was held Monday; December 11, 2017. Notice was posted at, Seymour Town Hall, Township Fire Dept. Station 1- Seymour, and at www.townofseymour.orgunder “Agendas”.


Board members present were Douglas Kranig, Chair; Sheila Running, Supervisor; and Gary Schulenberg, Supervisor.  Also present were Sue Larson, Clerk/Treasurer; and Kerry Parker, Roads and Buildings Supervisor. There were 18 others in attendance.


Chair Kranig called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited


Supervisor Schulenberg moved to approve the minutes from the Budget Public Hearing held on November 13, 2017, the Special Meeting of the Electors held on November 13, 2017 and the Regular Board meeting held on November 13, 2017 as presented.  Supervisor Running second and motion carried.   A motion was made by Supervisor Running to approve the minutes of the November 27, 2017 Board meeting as presented.  Supervisor Schulenberg seconded the motion and motion carried.


GENERAL PUBLIC – A number of the residents present spoke about their concerns with the possible truck traffic on town roads in their neighborhood during the proposed 2018 County Highway Q detour.  Concerns expressed included the number and weight of vehicles that are currently traveling on Highway Q that might choose to ignore the detour and travel on town roads, the possible damage to town roads, the cost to repair the roads as well as the safety of the residents in the area.  List of the residents in attendance is attached and made a part of this record. 


Judge Shaughnessy Murphy introduced himself to the Board and residents.  He is the newly appointed Eau Claire County judge.   


FINANCIAL REPORT – Sue Larson reviewed the financial report with the Board.  Report is attached and made a part of the record.


ROADS REPORT– Roads Supervisor Parker provided the following report:

·         John’s back to  work full time with a 5 pound lifting restriction.  He is able, however to operate plow truck and equipment.

·         Road ratings have been submitted to the state

·         Need for a new impact wrench.

·         Concern with cars parked on roads when plowing. 


BUILDING INSPECTOR REPORT – Building Inspector Hankel was not present. 




Proposed detour by Eau Claire County in 2018 of County Highway Q between County Road QS and County Road L.   Chair Kranig reported he has been in contact with the General Manager of  Northern Metals Recycling and the General Manager of  Advanced Disposal Seven Mile Landfill regarding the concerns with the heavy truck traffic generated by both these businesses.  Both businesses have assured him that they can and will require their trucks to adhere to the designated detour as posted by the Eau Claire County Highway Department, which will divert all traffic from County Highway Q to County Roads QS, QQ and County Road L.  Jeremy Larson, from Northern Metals was present and confirmed that he can control the trucks owned by Northern Metals Recycling and share that with those that conduct business with Northern Metals Recycling.   John Blockmon, from Advanced Disposal Seven Mile Creek Landfill also spoke to the Board and confirmed that they also will require all trucks doing business with them to adhere to the designated detour route.  He handed out a list of 15 “Landfill Truck Businesses” that are under contract with Advanced Disposal and will be required to stay on the county designated route.  He also indicated that if this becomes a problem, he should be contacted, via phone, with the name of the business, truck and/or trailer number and he will take appropriate action.   At this time, the Town Board will not restrict any town roads with weight limits other than annual spring time road bans


Action on Property and Liability Insurance for 2018 – A motion was made by Chair Kranig and seconded by Supervisor Running to approve the Business Owners Policy for an annual cost of $9,218.00 from Rural Mutual Insurance Company.  Motion carried.


Approval of Eau Claire County Humane Association Contract for 2018-2019  - A motion was made by Supervisor Running to approve the 2018-2019  Municipal Animal Control Agreement with the Eau Claire County Humane Association for a cost of  $3200 per year.  Motion seconded by Supervisor Schulenberg.  Motion carried.  


Land Division in St. Andrews Park.   Mark Erickson from Kramer Land Design  and Jeff Thiesen addressed the board regarding this proposed land division in St. Andrews Park off  to the east of Thistle Lane that has been discussed at previous meetings.    The owner wants to move forward and create two new lots, with driveway access from Thistle Lane.  The Clerk was instructed to notify all landowners in the immediate area that may be affected by the proposal in order to hear any concerns and  to invite them to the January Board Meeting.




Adoption of 2018 Budget – Chair Kranig made a motion to adopt the 2018 budget as presented at the Public Hearing with no changes.  Supervisor Running seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Copy of the Budget is attached and made a part of these minutes. 


Budget Amendment for 2017 – A motion was made by Chair Kranig to adopt Resolution 17-05,  2017 Budget Resolution as presented.  Supervisor Schulenberg seconded the motion.  Motion carried. Amended Budget is attached and made a part of these minutes.


Ayres Proposed Contract for Engineering Services – Supervisor Running moved to approve the proposal from Ayres Associates for Structure Design Services for Tower Drive Bridge over Five Mile Creek Structure Replacement project for 2018 in the amount of $33,000.  Motion seconded by Supervisor Schulenberg.  Motion carried 3-0. 


Election Workers for 2018-2019 – A motion by Chair Kranig was made to approve the list of the persons interested in serving as Election Workers for 2018-2019 presented to the Board by Clerk Larson, with the exception of the two names provided by the Republican Party due to not following  all of the State Election requirements.  Motion seconded by Supervisor Running.  Motion carried. 


Encroachment by John Christopherson on East St. Francis Drive – A motion was made by Chair Kranig to send a 30 day letter, as per State Statute 86.04, to John Christopherson on East St. Francis Drive asking him to remove the encroachment, a drain in his yard, that is within the road right of way.  Motion seconded Supervisor Schulenberg.  Motion carried. 


Garbage Hauler’s Permits –A motion was made by Chair Kranig to approve the Garbage Hauler’s Permits for 2018 for the following businesses: Boxx Sanitation, Johnson Disposal, ProVyro Waste Services, Express Disposal, RightAway Rolloff  and Waste Management, contingent upon receiving the required fee from Waste Management.  Motion seconded by Supervisor Running.  Motion carried. 


A motion was made by Supervisor Running to convene into closed session pursuant to Wis Statutes 19.85(1)(c) to discuss employee compensation for 2018.   Motion seconded by Chair Kranig. Roll call vote:  Schulenberg, Aye, Kranig, Aye, Running, Aye.   Motion carried


A motion was made by Supervisor Schulenberg to reconvene to Open Session pursuant to Wis Statutes 19.85(2)  to take action concerning 2018 Employee compensation and to continue with any unfinished business on the agenda.   Motion seconded by Chair Kranig.  Roll Call vote – Schulenberg, Aye; Kranig; Aye and Running, Aye.  Motion carried. 


A motion was made by Supervisor Running to increase the pay for Road Supervisor Parker to $21.00 an hour, wages for  Patrolman Oxley to $18.50 an hour, and  Deputy Clerk to $14.75 and  increase of $250 per year for Clerk/Treasurer Larson.  Motion seconded by  Chair Kranig.  Motion carried. 




Next regular Board meeting date set for Monday, January 8, 2018  at 9:00 pm


Vouchers Approved  32711 to 32745


Motion to adjourn at 9:15 pm


Respectfully submitted by:



Sue Larson, Clerk Treasurer

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