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Oct 09, 2017

TOWN OF SEYMOUR                        BOARD MEETING                              Vol. 30 Page 27


A meeting of the Seymour Town Board was held Monday; October 9, 2017. Notice was posted at, Seymour Town Hall, Township Fire Dept. Station 1- Seymour, and at www.townofseymour.orgunder “Agendas”.


Board members present were Sheila Running, Supervisor; and Gary Schulenberg, Supervisor.  Also present were Sue Larson, Clerk/Treasurer and Laura Konwinski, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer.   Chair Douglas Kranig was absent.    There were 9 area residents in attendance as well as Stacey Miller from Rural Mutual Insurance


Supervisor Running called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited


Supervisor Running asked that the minutes of the  September 11, 2017 Board Meeting be amended to show that under the General Public Comments, Kathy Campbell was representing herself as well as 8 other area residents.  A motion was made by Supervisor Running to approve the minutes of the September 11, 2017 Board Meeting, as corrected.  Supervisor Schulenberg seconded the motion.  Motion carried 2 -0. 


GENERAL PUBLIC –Mike Salter asked that the Board consider, at some future meeting, to erect signs for “No Dumping” in the Town of Seymour and to increase the fine for doing so, if caught.


Jayne Steindl had questions about when Burnell Drive was a County Road and the last time it was paved by the county.   She also asked when the Board was going to add the topic of truck use on town roads during the anticipated 2018 County Q road detour to their agenda.  The Board informed her that it was their intent to have a discussion at their December Town Board meeting on this topic.


Sheila Running asked to move to Item 9(b) on the agenda – Hunting and Archery Permits.   A motion was made by Supervisor Schulenberg to approve the Archery Hunting Permit for John Albertson of 3935 Tower Drive.  Supervisor Running seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


A motion was made by Supervisor Schulenberg to approve the Archery Permit for Kari Stokes at 1666 McKinley Drive contingent upon her submitting all of the required information.   Supervisor Running seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


FINANCIAL REPORT – Sue Larson reviewed the financial report with the Board.  Report is attached and made a part of the record.


ROADS REPORT– Roads Supervisor Parker was not present.  No report given


BUILDING INSPECTOR REPORT – Building Inspector Hankel was not present.  No report given.




Stacey Miller from Rural Mutual Insurance came before the board and presented a quote for 2018 insurance coverage.   Supervisor Schulenberg questioned some of the values used in the quote for the property and vehicles.   We have additional quotes coming in from at least two other companies and a decision will be made at the November Board Meeting.


Supervisor Running asked to move to NEW BUSINESS  Item 9(a) on the agenda – Conditional Use Permit #CUP-0016-17 for Erik Nanstad.  The application was to exceed the 1200 square foot accessory structure limit by tearing down an existing garage and rebuilding a slightly larger garage.   A motion was made by Supervisor Schulenberg to notify the county that the board does not object to the approval of this Conditional Use Permit as long as the current garage structure is removed.  Supervisor Running seconded the motion.  Motion carried 2-0.


Item 9(c) – Approval of Bowmar Appraisal, Inc Contract for Assessor Services for 2018 -2019.  A motion was made by Supervisor Schulenberg and seconded by Supervisor Running to approve the 2018-2019 contract for Assessor services with Bowmar Appraisal, Inc at a cost of $13,750.00 per year.  Motion carried 2-0.


Item 9(d) Set Date for Budget Hearing and Special Meeting to adopt levy.  The Board agreed on Monday, November 13, 2017 at 7:00pm for the Budget Hearing for 2018, with the Special Meeting to adopt the levy to immediately follow. 


Item 9 (e) – Hall Contract.  The clerk suggested that the Hall Contract be amended to add a requirement that alcohol cannot be sold at any event held at the hall.  Alcohol can be consumed, but it cannot be sold and also admission fees cannot be charged if alcohol is to be consumed at an event.   The board concurred in the recommended change.  Supervisor Schulenberg also suggested they reevaluate the $150 deposit charge to determine if it is sufficient or should it be increased.


Item 9(f) – Chippewa Valley Metro Sub Unit Deer Management Proposal.   Supervisor Schulenberg reported that he had been in contact with the DNR representatives regarding the proposal to expand the deer hunting season in an area surrounding Eau Claire that would include portions of the Town of Seymour.  Supervisor Schulenberg was concerned with how far east into the Town of Seymour this new Deer Management Sub Unit would extend and that it could possibly conflict with other recreational activities in the area, such as snowmobiling.  It has not yet been approved by the DNR, but it sounds likely that it will be approved in the near future.


Item 8 (b) –Item 8 (c) – 2018 Budget Planning –Updated budget figures were presented to the Board.


Item 8(c) – Town Code Book Review – no action taken.




Next regular Board meeting date set for Monday, November 13, 2017 to be held directly after the Special Meeting to approve the levy.


VOUCHERS APPROVED – A motion was made by Supervisor Schulenberg  to approve the vouchers itemized in the Cash Disbursements Journal and Payroll Journal for the period September 11, 2017 through October 9, 2017..  Motion seconded by Supervisor Running.  Motion carried.  


Motion to adjourn at 8:50 pm


Respectfully submitted by:



Sue Larson, Clerk Treasurer

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