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Town Board Meeting
Feb 11, 2019

These are the unapproved minutes of the meeting to be approved at the next meeting

TOWN OF SEYMOUR                        BOARD MEETING                              Vol. 32 Page 1


A meeting of the Seymour Town Board was held Monday, January 14, 2019. Notice was posted at, Seymour Town Hall, Township Fire Dept. Station 1- Seymour, Beaver Creek Reserve and at www.townofseymour.orgunder “Agendas”.


Board members present were Douglas Kranig, Chair and Sheila Running, Supervisor.   Gary Schulenberg was absent. Also present were Kerry Parker, Roads Supervisor Sue Larson, Clerk/Treasurer, Peter Gartmann and Nate Flagstad from Real Property Surveying and 10 area residents.


Chair Kranig called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Supervisor Running moved to approve the minutes from the December 19, 2018 meeting as presented.  Chair Kranig seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 




Chair Kranig asked to move to Item 8(a) on the agenda – Assessor’s Plat Preliminary Draft.   Peter Gartmann from Real Property Surveying presented a preliminary draft of the Assessor’s Plat for the properties along Peterson Ave and Tower Drive and responded to questions and comments from the citizens in attendance.  The next step will now be to set the new marking pins to designate the adjusted lot lines.  This will be called Assessor’s Plat #7. 


ROADS REPORTRoads and Buildings Supervisor Parker gave the following report.

·         There’s an issue with the 15 year old boiler at the Fire Station that will need to be replaced.  Parker presented two estimates – Certified Plumbing estimate was $28,800 and BartingaleMechanical, Inc was $24,246.00.  A motion was made by Chair Kranig to accept the Bartingale Mechanical, Inc, bid of $24,246.00 to install two WHB 199 Bh wall hung boilers at the Fire Station.  Motion seconded by Supervisor Running.  Motion carried. 

·         Brushing is almost complete

·         Working on preventive maintenance

·         Policy for residents that need salt/sand for their driveways was discussed.  It was decided that there are private snow removal businesses that could provide this service to residents rather than the town. 


FINANCIAL REPORT – Sue Larson reviewed the financial report with the Board.  Report is attached and made a part of the record.






8(b) – Final draft of the Town Code Book is not ready yet.  Tabled to the February meeting.



 9(a) Hunting and Archery Permit Requests– A motion was made by Chair Kranig to approve the Archery Practice Permit for Charles Grossklaus for 2019.  Motion was seconded by Supervisor Running.  Motion carried.


9(b) Garbage Hauler’s Permits.   A motion was made by Chair Kranig and seconded by Supervisor Schulenberg to approve the Garbage Hauler’s permit for Boxx Sanitation, Pro Vyro, Northern Metals Recycing, Waste Management, Express Disposal and RightAway Rolloff.  Also to approve the permit for Advanced Disposal contingent upon receiving the required fee and insurance certificate.    Motion carried.


9(c) Operator’s Licenses – A motion was made by Supervisor Running to approve the Operator’s Licenses for Megan Streuli.  Motion seconded by Chair Kranig.  Motion carried.  A motion was made by Supervisor Running to deny the Operator’s License for Jenny Delaney due to the findings in the background check and misinformation provided on the application.  Chair Kranig seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 


9(d) Kennel Licenses A motion was made by Chair Kranig to approve the Kennel License renewals for Mary Marquart on McKinley Ave and George and Britanny Tait on St. Francis Drive East.  Motion seconded by Supervisor Running.  Motion carried.


9(e) Johnson Blocks Auditor’s Agreement for 2019 A motion was made by Supervisor Running to approve the 2019 auditing agreement with Johnson Block for a cost of $11,375.00.   Motion seconded by Chair Kranig Motion carried.




Supervisor Running provided a copy of the proposed survey being worked on by the Planning Commission for review.   No concerns.  Their next meeting is Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Chair Kranig indicated that he has been in contact with a couple of different engineering companies regarding the work to be done on St. Francis Drive East and is waiting for them to return estimates.


Next meeting scheduled for Monday, February 11, 2019.


Vouchers Approved  33347 to 33408


Motion to adjourn at 8:20 pm


Respectfully submitted by:


Sue Larson, Clerk Treasurer

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