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The fun starts here at the park!

The Seymour Park offers a wonderful playground including swings, slides, climbers and more.        

The park is also home to the Seymour Ball Club which utilizes our many fields from April thru September.  To find out more on the Ball Club please visit their website www.seymourballclub.com.

Our park includes a Basketball court, Tennis courts and a Volleyball court.  Along with two pavilions and a concession stand (open during Seymour Ball games only); this is the place to have fun all summer.

A small community park on North Shore Drive is shown below.

Eau Claire National Rifle Club has a shooting range on N. Shore Dr.

One of the Town's most beautiful locations is Big Falls County Park.

More places to visit within our town include:

Beaver Creek Reserve     Lions Youth Park                Eau Claire Rod & Gun Club


 715.832.4391 Rod & Gun Club Phone       

Tower Ridge Recreation Area offers trails, disk golf and ski areas.