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Oct 18, 2011

Resolution for Adopting Employee Grievance Procedure

            Whereas s. 66.0509(1m), Wis. Stat. requires local governmental units to adopt an employee grievance procedure;

           Whereas the Town of Seymour, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin has thoughtfully considered this requirement and prepared an employee grievance procedure that contains the required elements;

Now, therefore be it resolved, that the town board of the Town of Seymour, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin adopts the attached employee grievance procedure pursuant to s. 66.0509(1m), Wis. Stat.

            Adopted this 18th day of October, 2011.

By the Town Board:                                      

Signed by Douglas Kranig

Signed by Sheila Running

Absent was Gary Schulenberg


Attested by Town Clerk:

Signed by Glenda Lyons


(Post in 3 places within 30 days of adoption pursuant to s. 60.80, Wis. Stat.)

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