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Seymour Plan Commission Members include:

James Murray; Sheila Running;  Joe Kirst; Loren Gorell; Nick Schmock





The Town of Seymour is…..

Rural in character with most development occurring near the City of Eau Claire and becoming less dense and more agricultural toward the central and eastern portions of the Town.  Sensitive natural features throughout the Town are protected from development, particularly along the Eau Claire River and near the three County Parks.  Residential and commercial development is located on land with poor agricultural productivity, or is primarily near the western portion of the Town near the City of Eau Claire.  Commercial development in the Town consists primarily of small non-intensive businesses that support rural residents, carefully designed to avoid strip development with multiple access points.  All new developments are planned and sited in order to consider water resources, forests, and farmland, and to reinforce the rural character of the Town.

The Town of Seymour is a desirable place to live because of its local parks, natural beauty, proximity to regional employment opportunities, and strong local leadership.  The community values its proximity to the Eau Claire River, Lake Altoona, three County Parks, City of Eau Claire and USH 53.  Local leaders continue to work with adjoining towns, the City of Eau Claire, and Eau Claire County to manage development and the delivery of services for the betterment of the region.

The Comprehensive Plan Committee was made up of the following residents:

James Murray, Sheila Running, Loren Gorell, Joe Kirst, Kevin Midthun, Mary Seitz and Roxy Yeager.  There is currently a vacancy on the Comprehensive Plan Committee and if you are interested in serving on the committee please contact the Town Clerk or one of your Town Board members.